• Well we’ve had our first week back, it was really nice to see all the children after the holidays and we were all ready to get playing again.  As you know Dani has not been with us, she is having lots of rest at home and is getting better. The children have made her a get well soon card and some flowers as we all miss her.
  • Funding  forms: If your child is entitled to government funding you should have received a funding form. Please can these be filled in and returned to Pre-school by Monday 20th January. If you have any questions please see a member of staff.
  • Area of  interest: Pets! Please can we have photos of your pets, stories about pets or any items  you use for your pets (leads, balls ) as the children have been showing lots of interest in each other’s pets and we’ve had lots of children running around as dogs and cats at Pre-school last week!
  • Letter sound: e for egg
  • Parents feedback survey: Please take a few minutes to complete the survey as we need a response by 12th Jan.
  • Wellies: Please can you bring wellies, hats, scarf’s and gloves as we try to get out in all weathers.

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