Newsletter for week commencing 27th January 2014

There is lots of news to share with you all this week, so make yourselves comfortable and I’ll begin……

Area of interest: The children are still enjoying sharing the photos of their pets from home and playing in the pet shop. They are also interested in Esmé our Giant African Land Snail, so we thought we may move onto exotic pets, so we can talk about where animals come from all around the world. Do you have an exotic pet that you would like to bring in to show the children? A lizard or snake or photos of tropical fish? We will be exploring how they need different care to the pets the children have been predominantly discussing, dogs, cats, and hens. This will also give us a chance to talk about the world and the different environments in different countries.

Letter sound of the week: This week was the first time I have spent time with the children since before Christmas, and when I asked them about the letter sound for this past week, h, they were able to tell me a whole host of things that begin with the letter sound. We are creating a new phonics area in Pre-school for our small group phonics work we will keep you posted! So this week we are moving onto the sound r, a long stretched rrrrrrrrrr sound.

Book swap: This Saturday from 2pm-4pm at Catton Hall is our book swap, bring some children’s books, adult’s books, DVD’s or Cd’s along and swap them for alternatives. Entry is £1 per adult and 50p per child, with a free cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake! Phoenix cards will also be there with beautiful card and stationary. We look forward to seeing you there!

Website: The website has been updated and there is lots of useful information on there. The new Policies and Procedures are there in the documents section which is always worth reading, we will be posting our weekly email on there, there’s a calendar for events, information about lots of different aspects of Pre-school and what we do. If the snow ever arrives, we will be posting any closures on there first, and if you follow our website you will be notified every time there are changes to the website.

Can you help? Do you have any roofing felt that you no longer need? We are looking for approx 10m to mend our shed roof, please speak to a member of staff if you can help with this. We would love to improve the area by our front door, we are looking for some volunteers who would be willing to help weed the small patch of ground by the old door into reception, and we hope to make use of this area more often and to do some growing on that plot come the spring. Please speak to a member of staff if you would be interested in volunteering – we can provide you with a cup of tea and an army of little helpers armed with a 1000 questions!

Read all about it! Have you seen the Knowledge section of this week’s Hexham Courant? There is a little write up about Pre-school and our work!

Read all about it!

Thank you!: Can I just say a huge thank you to all the staff, volunteers, committee, parents/carers and children for all the get well soon wishes and for the great work they’ve done while I was off. I am slowly getting there and have enjoyed returning to work and seeing you all! Many thanks, Dani


Cheese melt or tuna melt with broccoli and salad

Drink and biscuit or yoghurt or fresh fruit


Mince or veggie mince and dumpling with potato and carrots

Rice pudding or yoghurt or fresh fruit


Tomato and basil pasta or cheese jacket potato and sweetcorn

Iced sponge and custard or yoghurt or fresh fruit


Chicken fajita or cheese wrap or cheese pie with peas and pasta

Apple crumble or yoghurt or fresh fruit


Margherita pizza or ham pizza or veggie sausage with chips and beans

Strawberry whip or yoghurt or fresh fruit

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