Wellies needed!

During our walk today it was decided the mud troll had definitely been busy making everywhere really muddy!! The children had great fun though scaling along the sides of a wall and jumping from stone to stone to get past the deep mud, and once they made it across they shouted lots of encouragement to their friends as they tried to get through!
And while the children had fantastic fun, it highlighted the need for all children to bring wellies or snow boots please so we can go for more fantastic walks! It also highlighted that while staff had got the children booted and ready, they had forgotten to put their own wellies on!

6th february 2014web

3 thoughts on “Wellies needed!

  1. Reblogged this on Yvonne Conchie and commented:
    I’ve loved imagining the preschool kids doing this… now my boy is at school, he’s not doing as much outdoor learning. So now the evenings are getting lighter, and we’re getting into a new routine, I’m reminding myself to get my own kids out and about. I’m sure the dogs won’t complain. #wildtime

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