y for yummy!

We’ve had a lovely first week back, we hope you all have too! The children came back full of energy and enthusiasm which is always wonderful to see! 

feb 2014 014This week around the letter sound of ‘y’ we have been doing lots of yummy things! Some of the children made a birthday picnic complete with a barbeque

They made a birthday cake and cupcakes which they cut up and shared with everyone, cooked the burgers on the barbeque and gave a choice of white or yellow cheese to accompany them. feb 2014 031

Also this week we went for a walk to see the little lambs opposite Deneholme, the children spent a long time discussing their favourite sheep and lambs and why they liked them, we didn’t manage to spot the pink one that a child said was their favourite so we will have to return another day to hunt for that one, it was obviously hiding from us!

feb 2014 040Thursday was baking day; the boys were very keen to bake and a couple of them spent the whole day with me baking cakes and buns, they did really well adding ingredients until the scales said the right feb 2014 035number, and the hand mixer was a huge hit! Mixing the icing sugar and making a huge dust cloud was definitely one of the favourite parts of the activity, only second to tasting the cake! In the afternoon they decided they wanted to make pirate cakes so they said they needed black cakes, we found the black food colouring and swirled it into the cakes, they also made flags writing their names on each one ready for home time. They had to decide how many they needed for their house and all did really well counting their family members.

So our area of interest for next week is ‘my favourite things’. We will be discussing the children’s favourite things such as food, colours, books, songs, toys, etc. and creating a new display to show all of this. Can we request that everyone checks their family tree leaf at Pre-school to ensure any new siblings photos have been added, as we will be using these leaves to support our topic over the coming weeks. If you don’t have a leaf please see a member of staff who will provide you with one to fill, photos can be emailed to Pre-school to be printed if required.

Our letter sound for the next week is ‘w’, a short w sound. Please support your child by discussing words beginning with w, spotting ‘w’s when you are out and about or reading books etc. W items can also be fed to the letter monster at Pre-school! Does anybody have a globe or inflatable world we could borrow for the week, we’ve just been told they are out of stock from the retailers I order one from?

This Thursday, 6th March, is World Book Day. We are having a pyjama two day party on Thursday and Friday that week so as many of the children can join in as possible! So please let the children come to Pre-school in their pyjamas for lots of book based fun! There will be a pot with a suggested donation of £1 to raise money for Book Aid International that send books to children in Africa, we will be discussing this with the children also. The children will also get their world book day tokens this next week, that gives you £1 of any book over £2.99 at participating retailers.

Lastly, please see last weeks post about funding, sessions and school. Thank you!

Have a fabulous weekend! Any questions please get in touch.

Thanks, Dani, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jane

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