next week will bring us……

lovely sunny weather we hope!!

This week we have talked to the children about their favourite things and made representations of our own faces for our display that should be up soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Next week we are moving onto life cycles, spring and gardens, this will run for a few weeks. I know a few weeks ago we thought were going to be exploring families and favourite things but the children have chosen a completely different path for us follow! Letter sound next week will be x, any x items can be sent in for the letter monster to eat!

14th march 2014 054We have also started working in the front garden as the children have expressed an interest in growing flowers 14th march 2014 140and vegetables, the weeding is very tough and the children soon turned it into a worm hunt, every time I dug over a section they crowded round and searched for the worms to be put into the worm trap they had made, a hole in the soil, they photographed each one before it was put in the trap and the mesh put over the top, but they kept disappearing into the soil! They thing they caught 100!


Continuing on the garden theme, we have had lots of discussions with the children this week about what they would like to grow. They have 14th march 2014 050given us a huge list! I’m not sure pineapples and bananas will grow in 14th march 2014 134Northumberland but only one way to find out! We need a few things and thought we would ask families and friends or Pre-school if they have any off these things that are no longer of use at home but we could make could use of!


  • Compost bin – kindly donated by a family! yippee!
  • Pots – we have loads of small pots donated now, thank you to all of you that have brought us some!!
  • Larger pots, containers, tubs – we have two tyres and three larger pots – again huge thank you for the donations!! We needs lots more so please think of us if you see or hear of any surplus to requirements!
  • Compost – any old half bags lying in your shed? do you have a compost heap we could have a little bit of? until we get our compost bin productive!
  • A greenhouse! A long shot I know, but it cant hurt to ask if anyone has a small plastic greenhouse they no longer need? They are keen to grow tomatoes and cucumbers! Oh, and grapes on vines!!
  • Vegetable seeds – a kind parents has given us lots of flower seeds and the children are very excited! They listed just about every vegetable under the sun so any part packets you may have would be gratefully received!

If you or any family members would like to volunteer to do some gardening with the children please speak to a member of staff!

14th march 2014 042

14th march 2014 047We have had several visitors this week at pre-school! Jodie popped in with Isla, as always the children were over the moon to see them both, they got books for her to look at and sang her twinkle, twinkle little star too before giving her lots of cuddles! Lucky Isla!


14th march 2014 028We have been lucky enough to have some frog spawn visiting! the children check all the time to see if they have hatched! We have also been given some baby stick insects, thank you White family! the children love holding them as they run over their hands! So Esmé the giant land snail has lots of friends at the moment!

We also have a new volunteer, her name is Elaine and is the parent of one of our members of staff, see if you can spot the resemblance! This week Elaine helped to start weed and tidy up the garden area at Pre-school, we hope she had a good day and returns soon as the children enjoyed helping her tidy up and showing her everything we do!

World book day raised a wonderful £25.20 for Book Aid International, the money will send books to Sub-Saharan African children, thank you to everyone who donated money!

Thank you to everyone I have spoken to about sessions, I still have a couple of people to catch and will do so over the next week. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me!

As always if you have any questions about Pre-school please get in touch!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! see you next week!

Many thanks Dani, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jane

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