Happy week!


This week we’ve had Helena’s happy birthday and happy children as the tadpoles have hatched out!
Next week we are going to continue with life cycles etc and throw Easter into the mix! So its going to be super busy! Hopefully I’ll have a pet lamb I can bring in too, if not I should after the Easter holidays!
We will be looking at letter sound ‘a’, a short a sound. Any a sounding pictures can be brought in and fed to the letter monster.

Next week is also the last week before the Easter holidays, we close at 3.15pm on Friday 4th April and reopen on Tuesday 22nd April. Everyone has the sessions they have requested, but if anything changes please don’t panic, just get in touch and we can change sessions as you require. The funding forms will be issued as soon as I have them after the holidays, this will be your funding up until the summer holidays so please think about your long term session requirements. Thanks you.

Progress summaries will be handed out during this last week of term too, if you have any questions, comments or queries about your child’s progress summary we ask that you contact your child’s keyworker directly. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss and plan your child’s next steps, again please see your child’s keyworker, if you can’t make a meeting this can be done via telephone, letter or email, which ever form works best for you and your family.

Message from the committee

You are invited to an Extraordinary General Meeting of Allendale Pre-school Playgroup,  charity number 1026223

Monday 28th April 2014 at 7pm

Allendale Pre-school, Shilburn Road

Pre-school wishes to change from a registered charity into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). As part of this process, we need to ask our membership to approve the change.

This is a short meeting, with only one issue to be discussed. You will have the opportunity to hear what a CIO is, and why pre-school would like to become one. The Special Resolution we will vote on is as follows:

It is resolved:

1. To register a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation to be called Allendale Preschool
2. To transfer all assets, liabilities, contractual arrangements, activities and work in progress of the existing association past, present and future and actual or contingent to the Charitable Incorporated Organisation known as Allendale Preschool (registered charity no to be established).
3. To dissolve the existing association in accordance with clause 11 of the constitution.
4. To delegate all powers necessary to achieve the above to the Management Committee of the existing association, including the setting of appropriate timescales.
5. To undersign the transfer agreement between the two bodies on behalf of the association.

A copy of the proposed new constitution is available to read at pre-school or can be accessed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uk2avbzy51lcpox/G__VYu_lqo

Julie, who was raising money for the air ambulance through sponsored weight loss, has managed to lose 8lbs this month! Congratulations Julie! There is still time to sponsor Julie or make a donation, the form is still up in the foyer. Thanks to everyone who has already sponsored Julie.

The sponsorship form for Jane, Nicola, Joanne and Amy completing the Allendale Challenge is also in the foyer – all monies raised are going to Pre-school! Thank you Ladies!

If you have a clear out over the Easter holidays, don’t forget that Pre-school collects clothes etc to be recycled, we are paid by the kg and take binbags of donations year round.

Many thanks as always for your continued support, any questions please get in t ouch

Dani, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jane






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