Where in the world are we going to next?

So the wonderful Italy week has drawn to a close, we have lots of fun making Pizza, Pasta sauces and cakes and learning a few words of Italian! Tommaso and his mum, Veronica, have been in to make cake with us today on Tommaso’s last session before returning to Italy, we obviously hope he has had fun during his time here! The language of play and fun is obviously universal!pasta slurp unnamedcake g l p

UruguayNext week we shall be learning about Uruguay! As that is England’s next group match. This will also be an education for staff as we know very little about Uruguay, so we hope you will join us in researching about Uruguay and share any information with your children and the staff! We have been doing a display about each country’s flag colours, Uruguay’s flag is blue, white and has a yellow sun, any small objects can be sent in for the display, if you would like them returned please label them. Thank you

The letter sound for next week will be g, a soft g, g, g, sound. So any g sounding objects please send them in.

Next week we will have two students from Haydon Bridge High School coming to join us for a week of work experience. We hope you will welcome Emily and Megan to Pre-school, we are sure the children will involve them in all our activities and they will leave with an understanding of Early Years Education!

Please remember to bring in sun cream and a sun hat for your children. Thank you.

Summer trip – we are again having a joint summer trip with toddlers after last year’s successful trip to Walby Farm Joy organised for all the children, families, carers and staff! Joy and I have narrowed the choice down to Druridge Bay or Tynemouth beach. Please let me know over the next week which you prefer and we will go with the most popular! It will be during the last week of term either on Monday 14th or Thursday 17th, more details to follow!

Extra sessions – We encourage you to book extra sessions if you need them, either email allendalepreschool@googlemail.com or phone us 683042. We need to be contacted in advance so we can ensure we have sufficient staffing. We will, as always, do our upmost to provide you with any extra sessions you require. Thank you

Have a fabulous weekend! We hope all the father, grandfathers, carers have a fabulous fathers day on Sunday!

Dani, Jodie, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jane



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