Weekly newsletter for w/c 8th September 2014

Hi everyone, I hope the first week back to Pre-school was good for you all, it seemed to fly by!

A few of children have asked to ‘learn things’ so when we asked what they wanted to learn about shapes were one of the topics mentioned, so each week we will be learning about a different shape. This week is circle week so we’ve got lots of activities involving circles planned, this morning in the malleable play area there has been a challenge to thread Cherios and Wheetos onto spaghetti stuck in playdough, it has been very challenging mostly because the children decided they tasted nice! There are circle activities in the maths area, investigation area, painting area, circle spotting walks, stories and games, pretty much everywhere!

This week the children are also making sunflowers to be shown at Whitfield Village Fair, this Sunday 14th September. So hopefully you can all pop along to support the fair and see the children’s work!

Pre-school’s AGM is on Monday 15th September, 7.30pm at Pre-school, wine and nibbles provided. Please come along to find out what we have been up to over the past year and find out more about the committee, join the committee or ask any questions you have regarding Pre-school.

In our strive to continually improve the areas at Pre-school, we have identified the indoor construction area as our target for improvement this half term. We are looking for donations of mosaic tiles, corks, bobbins, strong cardboard tubes that could be sliced up, natural blocks, old jenga pieces, bolsa wood etc. If you have any of these you would like to donate we would be incredibly grateful. (The photo gives you an idea of what we mean, it IS NOT from Pre-school)

Sessions – most people seem to have settled on their sessions now, the funding runs from now till Christmas and headcount day is 2nd October. After this time it will be impossible to change funding forms and claim more funding if you change your sessions between now and Christmas. So can I please request anyone who is not currently using their 15 hours but may be considering increasing their sessions before Christmas to talk to me asap. You will no longer be issued with funding forms, I have to complete the counties funding spread sheet that I will be asking each parents to sign instead. This will happen from the week beginning 22nd September. I’ve also had a couple of queries regarding payment while children are off ill or on holiday, I’m afraid as per our policies the fees and consumables still apply as Pre-school is still open, if Pre-school is to close for any reason on any day, then these fees would not be applied. Any extra sessions you have used will be on the following bill also. Any other questions please speak to Jane (Thursday between 9.30-12.30) or myself. Thanks Dani

I think that’s everything for now, as always if you have any questions please get in touch with us as soon as possible, and spread the word about Pre-school to your friends!

Many thanks, Dani, Jodie, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jane

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