End of the school year!

Well, as it is the first day of the summer holidays I thought I’d just share a few thank you’s. Firstly thank you to all the families that have been to Allendale Pre-school over the past year, it has been fabulous to spend time with you all, getting to know the children as individuals and you, the parents and carers as partners. Thank you to the staff, you have all worked so hard to make preschool a great place!! As always your dedication to preschool has been never ending! And thank you to the committee, who without we wouldn’t be able to exist, all your fundraising, time spent at meetings and supporting staff has been invaluable. I am truly grateful for all you do as volunteers and friends. Lastly, thank you to the community for the continued support! 

Have a good summer everyone and we will see you in September and we hope the children going to Primary school have a wonderful time!

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