Week ending 18th November

An apology first for not getting this sent out on Friday, other appointments got in the way.
So last week at Pre-school we continued with shapes and plan to do one final week focusing on shapes.
Amongst other things staff have looked at the following with the children:
Helena has spent time this week looking at the weather, days of the week and the seasons etc which the children really seem to enjoy discussing!
Diane has provided different sensory activities in the tray for the children to explore, rice crispies, glitter, playdough and more.
Hayley has spent a lot of time outside with the children making mud pies in the mud kitchen or playing chase!
I’ve tried to explain children in need and how we can help children less fortunate. All staff have taken part in music and movement and the much loved and requested corners game.

We hope to spend one last week looking at shapes and making a new display, the children have mentioned Mr Maker’s shape shelf so we hope to incorporate that. Also this week Helena, with the support of other staff and committee, will be developing the sensory area next to the office. The office is also due a sort out and rejig so we apologise for any mess you may see!

Thank you to all who helped out in any way with yesterdays Christmas fair, hopefully it was a great success!
Please can everyone let us know their preferred sessions for January so we can start planning numbers and staffing.

Any questions, as always, please speak to a member of staff.

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