Week ending 25th November 2016

So this was our last week that has focused on shapes, we still talk about them year round so don’t panic! We’ve also been on lots of walks this week to experience frosty and cold weather! Which is always a good opportunity to discuss road safety with the children. All in all we’ve had another busy week and looking forwards to the next couple of weeks we will be looking at Winter and Winter celebrations, traditions and community events Christingle, Christmas, Winter Solstice, carol singing etc
The children will be coming home with a November newsletter over the next week and progress summaries will also be finished of and sent out this coming week.
If your child does not have a tapestry entry this week it will be because their keyworker has been working on their progress summary. It will be back to normal next week.
And just a quick reminder that fees are to be paid by the end of the month, please let staff know if you have paid via bacs.
Have a lovely weekend everyone,

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