100% happiness!

Here is what our families have to say about Pre School….

Here are a variety of comments made by families that have accessed our service in recent years:

The ladies go above and beyond, provide support and tips for things like potty training and fussy              eating.’

‘Fantastic staff and a child led approach with real world learning = a very happy 3 year old daughter!’

‘The best start to education and fun your children could possibly get’

 ‘Everyone works to bring out the best in each child attending and understands their individual needs etc. Thankyou everyone.’

‘Expert staff and real world learning ethos. My boy will be sad to leave when he outgrows it here, but I’m confident they have given him a great set of skills to get the most out of school.’

Survey – Summer 2022

We had a fantastic response to our survey in the summer term.  99% of families who responded were ‘very happy and would recommend Pre School to others’ and the remaining 1% ‘happy’

“Fab and engaging range of activities.”

 99% of respondents were Very Happy with the staffs interactions with the children.
“Staff are all fantastic, such lovely people and very down to earth and approachable.”

Our survey results told us that 100% of families have found the new garden space to be beneficial, we feel like it has had a positive effect of the children’s behaviour and wellbeing and hope to welcome our families and the wider community to see the finished garden by hosting a garden party/open day later on in the summer.

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