A welcoming, interesting and active environment for all children aged 2 to 5 years.

Our objectives

Allendale Pre-School was initially established 1970 when we decided that our ultimate objective, and one that we have never wavered from, would be to:

“Provide childcare of the highest standards in a safe, homely and stimulating environment.”

We are a registered charity and are managed by a voluntary Committee, supported by parents and friends. Pre-School is very much part of the community, with strong links to the local Primary schools at Allendale and Whitfield. Children are welcomed from 2 years of age into a relaxed, safe environment.  Our experienced staff  build the children’s’ confidence and engage in fun, stimulating activities both in the building and outside.

It is our aim to positively contribute towards your child’s development; to help them achieve confidently and enjoyably; and to transition to school successfully.