About us

Our objectives

Allendale Pre-School was initially established 1970 when we decided that our ultimate objective, and one that we have never wavered from, would be to:

“Provide childcare of the highest standards in a safe, homely and stimulating environment.”

We are a registered charity and are managed by a voluntary Committee, supported by parents and friends. Pre-School is very much part of the community, with strong links to the local Primary schools at Allendale and Whitfield. Children are welcomed from 2 years of age into a relaxed, safe environment.  Our experienced staff  build the children’s’ confidence and engage in fun, stimulating activities both in the building and outside.

It is our aim to positively contribute towards your child’s development; to help them achieve confidently and enjoyably; and to transition to school successfully.

One thought on “About us

  1. HI,
    We still need 6400 votes!
    I am seeking further support for this new Petition as the increase in minimum wage and provision of pensions will be a big issue for us as it may be for many other settings. – This petition is now available

    Increase funding rate for 3-4 year olds needing to provide pensions for staff. This can be signed at:
    10,000 signatures required for a response from the government.
    100.00 gets consideration for a debate in parliament
    Over 3000 votes in less than 5 weeks already 7000 to go so please share
    Please sign if you feel that two increases in costs need to be accompanied by increase in the funding per hour the government pay for each child aged 2-4.
    This problem affects all providers of early years child care where funding has not increased in parallel with rises in costs of provision.
    The increase in the minimum wage along with need to provide a pension will have financial implications for us.
    Following the petition regarding increased hourly funding rate for 2-4 year olds in early years settings which received 10,056 signatures we now have not only an increase in the minimum wage but also the need to provide pensions for staff. The cost of running a pension scheme, particularly in small settings which provide high quality child care continues to rise.This is a nation-wide problem and will affect our children’s future.
    If you can share this with friends, staff and relatives please do.

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