Get involved!

Allendale Pre-school thrives thanks to the dedication of many different people who work with us – our volunteers, our members and our paid staff.


Research has shown clear benefits for children when parents, carers, family members and family friends become actively involved in their child’s learning and development from an early age. You can volunteer in a variety of ways:

*  join us for a session to help out, gain experience working with children of this age range to further your career or education

*share a skill or hobby with the children and staff, find out what we do at Pre-School


*join our committee.


We support childcare students by offering placements, advice and support.  The placements we have provided have enabled individuals to gain their level 2 childcare qualification, gain experience working with our age group that led to a Nanny job role, and work experience weeks with students from Haydon Bridge High School.

We encourage anyone who is considering volunteering to pop in for a chat or contact us via telephone or email to discuss volunteering further.


To help keep our costs low we hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the year, anything from a sponsored bike ride to a book swap. We ask that families support us by donating their time, possibly cakes or goods and come along on the day to enjoy the event. At Christmas we have a Christmas Fair which is our biggest fundraising event of the year. This year we raised approx. £1,500 which is a fantastic result. Any monies raised are put to good use providing days out, new equipment or buying services in to work with the children. If you would like to know more about fundraising or have an idea for an event we would love to hear from you, either speak to the committee members responsible for fundraising or a member of staff.

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