Weekly newsletter

Another fabulous week exploring and learning about life cycles, spring and the letter sound ‘d’. With the added bonus of a visit from zoo labs today who brought lots of different creeply crawlies, the children even shared the stick insects we have at Pre-school, four of them are off to visit lots of schools and nurseries! (Thank you to Trudie for the stick insects we still have!)
We will be continuing with the caterpillar/butterfly life cycle next week as the children have had lots of fun making their own cocoons this week with sheets of brown paper, matching butterfly wings, making sun catching butterflies, we hunted in the garden for caterpillars but didn’t find any, reading the hungry caterpillar book and many, many other things!
Next week we will be learning about the letter sound ‘t’, a short t,t,t, sound.
Can I just remind everyone that Monday 5th May we are closed as it is a bank holiday, for those who don’t have to work have a lovely weekend!
Funding forms and fees- please can these be paid my Friday 16th May, if you are experiencing any difficulties please speak to a member of staff as soon as possible. Thank you.
On a serious note, it has been brought to the staffs attention that some children are travelling to Pre-school in cars without car seats or in unsuitable situations. We have a duty of care for all children and if staff observe children travelling without a car seat, on the laps of others or unrestrained we will be speaking to individual families to work through the issues to make sure all children are travelling safely. We work hard to promote safety with the children both in the setting and out on visits and trips and really do appreciate that all parents and families work with us to ensure the safety of children is paramount. If you are unsure of the laws regarding children in cars please click on this link which outlines your legal requirements or speak to a member of staff.   Safety advice for children traveling in cars

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend everyone and we will see you all on the 6th May! As always any questions please get in touch, Dani, Jodie, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jane

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