The Ofsted inspection guidance changed back in 2019, putting more emphasis on Quality teaching, assessment and learning outcomes and less of a focus on data and paperwork.

This lesser emphasis on paperwork is great news and means your child’s keyworker will have less formal ‘paperwork’ to complete and more time to focus on playing with, and scaffolding your child’s learning face to face.

Our learning focus is based on these three points;

  • Intent
    What we want the children to learn
  • Implementation
    How we will help them to progress in their learning
  • Impact
    How we know that what we have done, has helped the child to learn? What has the child learnt?

We will still use tapestry to share our photographs and observations with you, and we would love it is you could also upload things from home for your child to share with their friends and staff.  If you need any help with how to access tapestry, or to upload things from home, please ask a member of staff and we can help.

We will no longer be writing termly progress summaries or using the development matters age bands and statements to make assessments, However we will still use the 7 area of learning to help us form a broad and rich curriculum. More information about the EYFS can be found in our ‘links’ section.

We are adopting the ‘Northumberland School readiness passport’ Which will be used to make a summative assessment on whether your child is on track to show a good level of development (GLD) at the end of the  reception year.  Your child’s key worker will make these assessments on the passport at 6 month intervals, If your child is not on track this will enable us to identify any gaps, and put support and actions in place to help tehm make the progress needed. We will also send you a personalised progress summary of what your child has recently enjoyed and what they have been learning.

We believe that you as parents know your children best and therefore ask you to work in partnership with us, and contribute to assessment by filling out an individual learning plan that we will send home each term,  This  will  to help us gain some valuable information about your child’s current interests and achievements and will help form individualised planning.

As always, if you have any questions or queries please get in touch with your childs key worker.

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