Has spring sprung?

21st march 2014 07521st march 2014 00721st march 2014 074The children have had a lot of fun this week, they always check on the frog spawn to see if its changed, they check the stick insects to see if they’ve grown and Esmé always gets fed. They’ve taken to taking a lot of pictures themselves this week, most of the photos this week have been taken by the children. Here are some of
their pets


We’ve talked about lots of different life cycles, and as always the hungry caterpillar story has supported this. They even took pictures21st march 2014 077 21st march 2014 076strawberry idea

of the book and pictures in the Pre-school of things the caterpillar ate. This has tied in lovely with trying to get the garden sorted to grow some flowers, fruit and vegetables, we have started filling pots, planting seeds and weeding. They are super excited! A parent has volunteered to plant some strawberries with the children and has found a different way to grow them, so if anyone has any spare bits of down pipe we could have we would be grateful! We will be continuing with the lifecycle, spring, planting theme next week, letter sound of the week will be m, a long stretched mmmmmmmmmmm sound, which links nicely with Mother’s Day at the end of the week!


On Monday afternoon we will be having a joint session with Allendale Primary School, we will be going for a story and some fun with reception class!

Fundraising! We have a couple of things happening to raise funds for Pre-school, firstly our admin Jane Pryde, along with committee members Nicola Thompson and Joanne Clarke, and parent Amy Pearson are doing the Allendale Challenge on Saturday the 5th April to raise money for Pre-school!! Sponsor forms are in the foyer, please sponsor them and give their challenge a boost!

Fancy £50? Guess the last two numbers of the serial number on a £50 note that we will withdraw from the bank correctly and its yours! £1 per go, the sheet is in the foyer at Pre-school with all monies raised going towards gardening equipment for the children.

The Allendale Lions have generously given us the money for an ipad for the children! So as I type our treasurer is looking into buying two ipads for Pre-school, as we have combined the Lions donation to the monies raised by the swishing party and can afford two! We will keep you updated!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you all next week! Any questions or comments please get in touch!

Many thanks Dani, Helena, Hayley, Diane and Jayne

I’ll finish with a few selfies the children have taken this week and a few ‘guess the object from the close up’ pictures!

21st march 2014 114 21st march 2014 021 21st march 2014 02321st march 2014 018 21st march 2014 088 21st march 2014 089 21st march 2014 094 21st march 2014 118

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